what do we offer

Charis retreat offers a variety of themed Christian retreats, providing input and space for private reflection and meditation.
The retreats can be at a venue of your own choosing or at the Charis foundation premises.

We also offer spiritual direction/faith accompaniment for individuals by appointment. Spiritual direction is generally offered every 6 weeks and is available for anyone.

Spirituality Workshops are also available for individuals and groups.

who is it for

Busy life?

Decisions to make?


A deepening desire to know God more intimately?

There are many reasons why it is important at times to seek opportunities to draw closer to God and to make time to do so.

We recognise and respect the uniqueness of each individual and their relationship with God through Jesus Christ and so seek to provide a variety of opportunities for people who wish to take time to listen to God and to develop their relationship with Him. This can be promoted through individual sessions of faith accompaniment, or by joining with others on retreats for quiet relaxation, reflection and prayer.


Retreats and one-to-one faith accompaniment is offered by experienced retreat leaders and trained spiritual directors.

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